Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists is a leading provider of robotic colorectal surgery in Texas.  

We were the first to perform a single-site surgery in North Texas, and our certified specialists are frequently recruited to train physicians in this breakthrough technology.

How It Works

Once the patient is anesthetized, one of our certified robotic colorectal surgery specialists makes four tiny incisions, inserts trocars, and inflates the abdominal cavity. Next, the surgeon docks the robotic unit—a four-armed device which operates a laparoscope and up to three specialized surgical instruments—into the trocars and moves to a separate console. Using a high-definition 3-D monitor and hand controls, your colorectal surgeon is then able to perform the operation with a high degree of precision.

How It Works

The da Vinci® Surgical System

Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists are committed to maintaining a high standard of patient care, including the use of robotic colorectal surgery. All of our specialists are certified to perform robotic surgery using the premier da Vinci Surgical System. Several of our surgeons participate in training fellow surgeons on the da Vinci robotic system. Having completed over 700 colon and rectal robotic surgeries, Dale Burleson, M.D., helps educate and train fellow surgeons on the da Vinci robotic system. Jefferson Hurley, M.D., was the first surgeon in North Texas to perform a robotic low anterior resection for rectal cancer using the da Vinci System and now serves as the official on-site case leader and lecturer for da Vinci Surgical System.

This technology allows us to do the same thing we have always done but with even more precision and less pain to the patient.”


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