More Colorectal Surgeon Testimonials

Colorectal Surgeon Dallas TX - Hemorrhoid Doctor - Jefferson Hurley, MD

I can’t emphasize how much of an amazing surgeon Dr. Hurley is. The pain was minimal, the recovery was quick, and the scarring was minimal for what was performed. I had a good amount of anxiety before each surgery and then he would come in to greet me with a calm and confident demeanor that really helped calm me down. His staff and the people he works with in the hospital are all very friendly. I’m very appreciative for the quality service that I received from Dr. Hurley & am glad to be able to live my life without a disease holding me back.

– Daniel N.

colon cancer doctor Dallas TX – colorectal surgeon Dallas TX – F Clark Odom MD

Very satisfied with Dr. Odom. Our family has used him for years. He removed part of my brother’s colon and he has been cancer free for 15 years now. Our family uses him for our colonoscopies.

– Anonymous

Hemorrhoid Doctor Dallas - Matthew Hughes, MD

Dr. Hughes and his staff were extremely friendly, professional and accommodating in getting me in for the initial visit and then the procedure. He was very helpful and also educational in walking me through the entire process and follow up. At 55 years old, I am very confident they were thorough in their screening to ensure I had no issues. I wish all doctor offices had this same ease of access.

– Mark W.