Texas Colon and Rectal Specialists Physicians Join Texas Oncology

 On March 1, 2021, the physicians of Texas Colon and Rectal Specialists (TCRS) joined a new colorectal specialty division of Texas Oncology. TCRS physicians and care teams and Texas Oncology share a commitment to providing patient-centered, compassionate care. Learn more.

The Highest Standard in Dallas Colon Care


Looking for experienced, compassionate Dallas colon care professionals? Look no further. TCRS provides all this and more. We are one of the largest colorectal practices in the country and the second largest in the state of Texas, delivering unmatched colon and rectal care.

Our highly qualified team of North Texas-based physicians, nurses, and office staff consistently deliver the best possible outcomes–– exceeding well above national benchmarks. Every one of our specialists are certified by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery–– the regulating board of the nation’s colorectal standards. If you want the best in Dallas colon care, please call one of our convenient North Texas locations to set up your appointment.

The Best of the Best

Our specialists represent the best of the best in colon and rectal care in North Texas. Our colorectal surgeons are not only caring physicians, but they are each active in research and continually pursue advanced training to provide advanced treatment of complex colon and rectal diseases and disorders. As your neighbors, our physicians and staff are involved in the communities in which we live and practice. We support local health care initiatives by donating our time and expertise.

*Annually in
North Texas

MOST robotic colorectal surgeries in North Texas
MOST minimally-invasive colorectal surgeries in North Texas
MOST colon and rectal cancer surgeries performed annually in North Texas area

Colorectal Specialties as Individual as You

Because no two patients are alike, TCRS specializes in your individual care. Considering the differences of every patient – gender, age, and family history, for example – TCRS specialists are able to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment and management of your colorectal health.

At TCRS, we recognize there are some conditions unique to women, deserving a special level of care. We are experts in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders, including fecal incontinence, constipation and prolapse as well as other colorectal disorders that affect women’s everyday lives.

Preventative colonoscopy screenings are the best method to detect health issues before they become serious. Many conditions that affect both men and women are easily treated when detected early, including inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, and colorectal cancer. We also consider age and heredity factors in each patient’s treatment plan.

Advanced Patient Recovery Protocols

Because of our unrelenting commitments to quality outcomes for our surgery patients, we have instituted new forward-thinking protocols for rapid recovery. We are one of the first Dallas colon care practices in the area to implement an innovative protocol to help patients recover more quickly. These enhanced recovery protocols ultimately help patients reduce their hospital stays. Plus, they have been proven to reduce complications and help contain healthcare costs.

Shortened Hospital Stays

These advanced recovery protocols help shorten hospital stays and, in most cases, can get patients home sooner and return to their regular activities. Through the use of these protocols we have seen patients go home from major colorectal surgery in as few as two days. We are constantly monitoring outcomes and analyzing data to evaluate and improve each recovery pathway. Ask your colorectal specialist if you qualify for this advanced recovery pathway.